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Anrybirds Walkthrough Acquire The Complete Knowledge On What You Want on Angry Birds

The latest release of the angry birds’ game is the Star Wars. This game is being played on several different landscapes so that it bestows the complete entertainment to the players than its previous parts. The game has four major parts so that the first part present is the Tatooine.  In this stage the game is being played on the arena which has a pig shaped house at its background. The complete environment consists of red sand so that it becomes a very awful scenario to play.  As a new graphic being included in this star wars you can see a shutter that brings out your score which is very amazing to look. A new bird which emits the laser is also included so that you can target the place to be hit and make your shot. The different positions and the different setups which include the glass, wooden boxes and stones would give the player a really amazing environment to be played.  The 13th stage of this game also includes the golden egg stage of this game so that if you hit the golden egg you would enter into a bonus stage which would lead to a new world for playing the game.

The fact is that you must use the bullets which come from the gun to hit egg to enter the stage. Likewise the second world to be played is the Death Star world. This world gives the experience as if you are playing the game in angry bird’s space this stage resembles the same and it also possesses the property of the gravity.   The stages are built so that they would be very interesting to play and many new amenities are b being embedded in them. Likewise the 15th stage do this death star also include guns. It has three guns which would be shooting. You have to tackle all the three of them and hit the targets.


The next stage of the game is the hoth stage this stage has the environment so that the game is being played over the snow. The structure of the game is very creative and it has the amenities such as the stone birds which would be a very awful site to be played. This stage also is packed with the new guns which make your game to be more interesting. You can get the complete details about the angry birds game on angrybirds365.

The last part is the path of the jedi. In this part the player would completely play in a very new environment. This creepy environment would give you the feel of thrill and would help you acquiring the complete entertainment. The glowing objects and the several new amenities are being added in this stage so that you will feel the complete new experience of angry birds here. The complete new experience of this star wars is the shaking effect. You can experience this effect on the shake process which is being done when the constructions hit the ground. Thus, you can completely enjoy the game and you can have a very good experience while playing the game. For more detailed information about angry birds, I will suggest you to go through

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