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Axe Clicker – A wonderful game to refresh your mind

It’s essential for today’s busy life that we give our brain a little time to relax. If we look around us we will see that for relaxation we all browse our mobile cell to spend time .some of us looks in social media to check the ezone of friends , some of us may go for shopping or window shopping , and some of us plays games to rotted the time clock. Axe Clicker – Idle Dwarf is one of such game .you can find this game on Google play store by searching this name Axe Clicker – Idle Dwarf

The size of this game is nominal , only 82 MB for the latest version 1.0.111 . tis game runes in almost all android devices  which have Android version 4.0.3 that is Ice Cream Sandwich . the main game part si simple and fun. An angry dwarf is cutting trees with his axe . As the game goes forward you will receive several types of axe and various types of trees. The main moto of this game is to  buy yourself  some new featured skills to enjoy your cutting more and more. As time goes by you have to  sharpen your  axe again and again  or you can buy yourself  a new one. And the fun part is that when you do that  you will get  even more things to chop down.

Like other strategy games , Oswald (our name in this game  ) continues his axe, as he never slipes or take rest, even when you are not playing the game, so your coins continues to upgrades to spend money to buy new features . Nothing can survives the mighty axe of Oswald .continuing with your up gradations with axe you will get all total of eighteen types of things and and 32 type of trees  to cut down with your axe. Clicker idle game have some exciting upgrades to continues the game.

The types of upgrades you need to do is
* Fitness –Fitness will  increases your axe speed .
* Forging skills –makes the axe deadliest .
* Steel quality –life of your axe.
* Luck –This can give you something usefull for this game .
* Sharpening skills –The chopping quality of yours..
* Trade –to get more money ..

Not so good part of this game is there are many add’s in this game. If you have internet connection and pacence then by seeing this advertisements you can upgrades your skills and chances to play more. Some says that it’s a short game in length. But then again it’s a time pass game , right?

You will also get some dinks to make Oswald more angry powerful speedy to swing his axe .wait for the drinks and also look for the flower lefthand side of yours , that will give you luck and fortune to play . so no more reading for us today…
Hurry back to chop chop …

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