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Dirtbike Games On The Internet

Dirtbike games have been around since the advent of computer and console gaming. These simulate the exhilarating feeling of traversing a dirt course just like a motocross rider would. Usually side scrolling, the player takes control of the bike and the rider, going through the course to reach the finish line. Along the way, the bike must avoid obstacles, ride through powerups and utilize shortcuts as well ramps to reach the goal faster. Scoring is usually based on the lack of accidents, the speed of which the finish line is reached and the use of physical features found in-game.

The grahics and sound features found in these programs vary from the extremely simple to the overtly detailed. They range from largely pixelated, clunky stick figure animations to more complex art featuring blood, dirt and gore. Sound can range from the basic .midi and .wav whirs, beeps and rings to original soundtrack and voices heard throughout the game. There are various games found over the internet in a variety of formats. Some only require a flash player installed. Others need you to download a file. Most of these games are free to play, relying on advertisements within the site to garner income.

Many of these games require the player to finish several levels just to beat the game. Game time usually consists of several hours or just a couple of minutes. For people looking for a brief interlude in their daily monotonous activities, dirt bike games are perfect as a quick distraction. For several minutes, the player can feel the rush and adrenalin of navigating a bike through a dirt course and forget the stresses of the modern world. Dirtbike games are a marvelous way to relieve stress, and their prolific availability throughout the world wide web makes access to them asn easy feat to achieve.

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