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Features and Some Beginners Tips for Clash Royale Game

Clash-Royale mobile game

Mobile phones have got fancier over the years. At first the mobile phones were there only medium for maintaining contacts with our near and dear ones. But the scenario has changed within the small space of last few years. Smart phones have the ability to let their users play video games that have the same quality which a portable game device can provide. Android market is a platform backed by Google. Android gaming is quickly growing its popularity by launching a thousand of games already. Along with the growing technology, people have become tech savvy, thus gaming also became a very important part of their life. So, here are some details about the popular game, Clash Royale.

Features of Clash Royale:-

Among all the games, which has been released so far, Clash Royale has already became one of the top games on android and IOS store. So, here are some features of the most popular game so far-

  • You can challenge your clanmates or friends for a private duel.
  • By constructing an ultimate battle deck, you would be able to beat your opponents very easily.
  • Find an opportunity of destroying your opponent’s tower, and win crowns in order to win epic crown chests.
  • You can also form a clan to share cards and build your very own battle community.
  • Learn different battle tactics by watching the best duels on TV Royale.

Tips for the Beginners:-

The game has already been successful in pulling a lot of attention towards it. In order to find some valuable tips regarding the game you can type Clash Royale Hack Blog, and surf through the net. So, here are some valuable tips for the beginners of this game-

1) Stick With Your Deck:- 

The first and most important thing for a beginner of this game is to, they need to find an applicable deck and finally stick with it. Don’t keep on changing your cards, every-time you lose. You will not be able to perform well, until you know your cards very well.

2) Use Skeleton Attacks:- 

There are more than one skeleton troops which you will be able to find in this game. Generally they are very weak and also dies very quickly. In order to get a good result, try pair the skeleton troop with a giant and use them take down your opponent’s tower within a blow or two.

3) Spend Your Gems Wisely:-

Gems are really very hard to get in a Clash Royale game, so be careful about using them on random chests. You need to use all the gems very wisely, which you have collected throughout the game. You can spend your gems for buying gold.

  • Pay Attention to Elixir:-

You have to be extra careful about using your elixir. Don’t use all of them at once, unless you really need to use all of them. Especially, you need to keep your patience, for the first 2 minutes of the game. It would be really very bad if you run out of your elixir and watch your opponent’s troops hacking away at your own tower.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making a proper strategy and stick to it, till the end. With the help of these few tips, it would be easier for the beginners to start a journey in the mystical world of Clash Royale.

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