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Free Mahjong Games

Mahjong spelled sometimes as Mah Jongg a game originated in China. Normally it is played with four players but it is different in computer game where single player is allowed. In olden days matching the tiles is commonly played but the recent invention is mahjong solitaire different from table game. This mahjong is also played as a gambling game in Asia. Free mahjong games were developed by the Chinese philosopher about 500 B.C. Today the player’s characteristic varies among different countries even though it is popular in Asia than in west.

At least 136 tiles is commonly used which may vary in America or Japan to the most 144. The tiles are split into different categories like honor, suits, and flowers. To deal with tiles they are placed on the table to face down and shuffled. There is no specific rule to deal but there are possible solutions by turning over the pieces or turning over the revealed pieces at regular intervals. Doing this end shuffling and forms the wall. In free mahjong games, each player stacks a row and pushes the tiles on each side to form square wall. Three dice are thrown by the dealer and sums the total. The counting is done in counterclockwise. The same total is used on the dice, and then stacks of tiles are counted right to left by the player. Four tiles have been taken by the dealer and four tiles by the players in counterclockwise until every player having 12 tiles. This decreases the stacks in clockwise direction. Now every player sets any seasons or flowers along their side and picks a replacement piece.

The winner only scores points by totaling the value in each hand. The player should have minimum points to win. There are many variations in this game like matching the symbols, fruits, maps, etc. By matching the perfect tiles the wall will be broken down.

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