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Mission Impossible Games

Mission impossible games are action/adventure games which are inspired from the Mission Impossible TV and movie series. The history of Mission impossible games date back to 1979, much before the release of the TV series but they became largely popular after 1996 when the first Mission impossible movie was released. The game focuses on a Secret agent whose sole purpose is to save the world from destruction and eliminate his enemies. The huge success of movie and TV series gave the game developers an opportunity to convert the movie experience into games.

The game consists of several stages with different levels of difficulties. The stages are crafted in the form of an objective in which the mission impossible game player will act as the secret agent and he will have to collect the different clues and secrets in order to finish the objective. The game also has several twists and turns when the enemies try to stop the secret agent. You can choose from wide range of weapons and gadgets that will help you in completing the mission. Different stages of the game can either comprise of a single mission or a collection of missions. The game also provides you rewards such as weapons unlock and health boost etc as you progress with the stages. Mission Impossible game player will have full control over the secret agent’s moves and actions.

You can play Mission Impossible games on all popular gaming devices like Nintendo, Sony Play station, Sega, Wii etc. Each manufacturer has its own game building but the basic structure is same for all. Mission impossible game series attracts people of all age groups. Kids and adults both love this game and play with equal interests. Mission impossible games are now also available on popular gaming websites thus bringing the game online and increasing its popularity. If you have still not played it, you are missing something cool. So move on and try your own avatar as a secret agent with the popular Mission impossible games.

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