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Spot The Difference Games For Mac

  • How to play Spot the difference games for mac?
  • Do you want to improve and test the skill of your eye?
  • What are the strategies are needed to play spot the difference games?

These games are very popular in the intelligent game lovers nowadays because it challenges the sharpness and wisdom of the players. Spot the difference is the only game which is logical and sharpens the brain of one who plays this regularly. This game needs a tiny bit of patience, endurance and also thoughtfulness & attention towards the game. Usually parents use this game for their child to teach as well as for their entertainment as this game develop the cleverness, talent and mind power of the child.

Spot The Difference Games

In this game, the situation will be given as; there are two images which are almost identical and you have to find the difference between them. You only have to scan the both picture in your mind and find out the dissimilarity between them. Like all others game here also you have to use the mouse as your magnifier and you can think yourself as the detective.

Usually in Spot the difference games for mac, left image is the actual image while the right image has changes. When you will start playing this game you get a notice about the number of differences in the game. Once you got the dissimilarity click over there and you will find that area is highlighted and your point also increases. There are many levels in these games to complete. You must need a magical skill of your eye.

Spot the difference games for mac can be played on almost all the versions of mac OS. Players can also download the free trial version of these games before purchasing it. And game lovers can also play these games online with the players from all over the world to test their skill and also for the enjoyment.

Some best Spot the difference games for mac are:

  • The Dragon and the Wizard.
  • Ghost’s Revenge.
  • Headspin Storybook.
  • Book of the Dead.
  • Mad World.
  • 6 Differences.
  • A Dragon’s Tale.
  • Clouds.
  • Photo Frenzy.
  • Pirates and Princesses
  • Easter Bunny Differences
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Gimme5 – Globetrotter
  • Witches and Spies
  • Fifty Five – Paris

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