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Top 7 Best Virtual Worlds Games for Girls

Are you searching for the best Virtual Worlds game that is designed targeting girls in particular? If your answer is yes, you should be glad as you have ended up at the right place, where we are discussing in detail about some of the cool Virtual Worlds for girls that are presently available in the market.

When it comes to virtual world gaming, there’s simply no shortage of options, but many of the games become too monotonous and boring after just a few minutes.


So, here’s a list of top 7 Virtual Worlds online games that are quite enjoyable, and are developed, specially aimed at the girls.

  1. Pixie Hollow: It is one of the vastly famous MMORPG (Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game) that has been designed aimed at girls who belong to age group of 6 – 13years. It is purely a website-based game; so it doesn’t require the gamers to download any program files onto their PCs to play this game. The only vital requirements of this game include Adobe Flash Player, high-speed internet connection, and 512-MB of internal RAM. It is developed by Disney, so the general graphics and design are precisely done in typical Disney style – clean, clear, and well-defined.
  2. Bella Sara: Launched back in 2007 by the well-known “Hidden City Entertainment”, Bella Sara is certainly one among the best Virtual Worlds online games for the present-day girls. The website was primarily developed targeting girls in the age group of 5 – 12years, and concentrates on the tending of virtual mystical horses. A child’s version of this game was on offer during 2005 in Denmark, before a girl’s edition was publicly released in 2007.
  3. Super Secret: This is yet another good Virtual Worlds game for the teen girls, who are aged above 10-years. In this game, you are supposed to age your character from anywhere between 10 to 14 years. The thumb rule in this game is more you play the game, the bigger you get, and higher will beyour chances of buying additional clothing materials, and other stuffs.
  4. Small Worlds: This particular Virtual Worlds online game for girls is just like a massive community, where girls are allowed to design their own avatar, select some attractive clothes to dress up their character, and devise their own home. The game also allows the girls to move across several public areas to chill out, and converse with other users, making it a really interesting one.
  5. GirlSense: This is a huge Virtual gaming website that has loads of fun makeover, and dress-up activities to carry out. If you wish to play this game, it is strongly suggested to begin exploring options such as Fashion Ave, Salon, and My Boutiques.
  6. Fortune Girls: This is one of the craziest of the Virtual Worlds games that you would ever find online. In this particular game, you need to plan and design your own fashion brand, promote it to the world, and then eventually trade it to the public.
  7. Yoobot: The last game in our list, Yoobot, also deserves your consideration as it has all the elements to keep you totally engaged. In this game, you need to design a Yoobot with your own face, and then you need to make sure that Yoobot stays precisely healthy all the time.

Try out these 7 cool Virtual Worlds online games for girls to get the fun that you have always been looking out for.


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Jessie Williams is the author of this guest post, and he has written it with an intention of helping all the teen girls who are looking out for cool Virtual Worlds for girls online.

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